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Count on us for your Agricultural Shipments

With global sourcing an everyday reality, MSC connects the growers, farmers and producers of agricultural products around the world with their key markets. We are proud to play a role in maximising the shelf-life and quality of the goods we transport, which in turn helps to reduce food waste and bring first-class produce to people all over the world.

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Services Designed to Maximise Quality and Shelf-life

Agricultural produce, such as cashews, cocoa, coffee, rice and soy, requires meticulous care throughout its journey to preserve freshness, taste, texture and aroma.

MSC’s green, modern and efficient fleet enables us to safely handle, stow and transport a range of dry and food-grade cargo to keep your perishable produce in perfect condition throughout its entire journey.

Personalised Approach

We work hard to build productive relationships with our customers, taking the time to get to know your unique business and finding flexible solutions to meet your changing needs.

With more than 50 years of experience in shipping agricultural goods, we have built up the expertise needed to deliver the efficient and cost-effective shipping services.

Any Cargo, Any Location

Thanks to MSC’s outstanding global port coverage and connectivity, we can provide local support throughout your cargo’s journey and deliver cost-effective end-to-end solutions. You can also rest assured that our reliable and well-maintained equipment (standard, food-grade or even reefer) will be right there, when and where you need it.

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Because you Need More Than Port-to-Port Shipping

We make shipping agricultural produce simple, with expert support at every step of your cargo’s journey.

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