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At MSC we pride ourselves on being a global container shipping company that delivers tailored solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each of our customers. Regardless of your cargo type, or final destination, we offer versatile solutions that cover air, land, and sea.

Thanks to the extensive capacity of our container fleet, MSC is the trusted transportation partner and shipping company for numerous companies the world over. Combining this with our global port coverage and extensive equipment availability means, we are able to deliver a professional, efficient shipping service, tailored to the specific needs of your business.


With global sourcing an everyday reality, MSC connects the growers, farmers and producers of agricultural products around the world with their key markets.

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Whether you’re shipping apples or avocados, our world-leading reefer fleet is equipped with the technology you need to keep your fruit in perfect condition. We use the Cold Treatment process as a chemical-free way to disinfect your fruit and protect it from pests.

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More and more pharmaceutical companies are turning to sea transport to deliver medicines and other essential goods quickly and safely to the places where they are needed. When shipping with MSC you benefit not only from our GDP compliant practices but also from our vast global network, which connects all of the world’s major trading centres. We can provide reliable and cost-effective deliveries to any destination.

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Whether you are shipping production or service parts, cars, trucks or electric vehicles, a reliable and experienced shipping partner is a vital link in your uninterruptible supply chain. As the automotive industry gradually moves into a new, greener era, MSC will be here to provide the fast, flexible and transparent supply chain solution you need.

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Mining & Minerals

For decades MSC has been successfully connecting the minerals extraction industries with customer markets around the world – offering fast transit times across all key trade lanes.

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Plastics & Rubber Products

Transported to and from every major trade lane, plastic and rubber goods are at the very centre of most modern global supply chains. Plastic and rubber comes in all shapes and sizes, from raw materials to finished items. MSC ship plastics, natural rubber and rubber products all around the world.

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Chemicals & Petrochemicals

MSC provides careful, precise and robust processes to safely transport hazardous and dangerous goods, such as chemicals and petrochemicals. As experts in the transportation of dangerous cargoes, MSC can ensure your cargo is shipped safely and in compliance with relevant regulations. We can also help you to deal with any contingency wherever you are shipping around the globe.

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Food & Beverages

Thanks to its decades of experience servicing the food and beverage industries, MSC understands the unique needs of the sector, including the importance of global port coverage, equipment availability and reliable scheduling.

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Pulp, Paper & Forestry Products

Using our knowledge in transportation and logistics we can provide versatile solutions for your pulp, paper and forest products. Our expertise covers importing and exporting paper products, including cardboard and packaging materials. Exporting timber, logs, firewood, pulp, plywood and wooden products (including prefabricated houses) is easy with MSC.

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Retailers rely on efficient global product sourcing and a flexible and robust “just-in-time” supply chain. We provide seamless port-to port delivery for retailers of all sizes. We have decades of experience and expertise in worldwide retail shipments

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MSC Somar sailing in the sunset MSC Somar sailing in the sunset

Moving the World, Together.

Our global shipping network is developed for our customers. By focusing on delivering best-in-class service to our customers, we are always available to help you with your particular needs and offer you a one-stop-shop solution for your next shipping request.
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