Warehouse in Petrolina, Brazil  Warehouse in Petrolina, Brazil


Providing first-class facilities for cargo warehousing and storage.

Keeping your Goods Safe before and after Docking

Your needs do not start and end when our cargo ships leave and enter port. Our extensive storage and warehousing services ensure the smooth transition of your cargo through every phase of the transport cycle. Understanding that the ability to store cargo and containers, both at the port and beyond, is crucial for your supply chain, we continue to invest in flexible and innovative warehousing and storage solutions.

Through our global network of warehousing facilities, we can offer a door-to-door logistics service – enabling you to move cargo to and from any worldwide destination.

  • Global network of warehousing facilities

  • Tailor-made approach

  • Efficient, end-to-end solutions 

Why Warehousing
is Important

Warehousing plays a vital role in the logistics network. It enables goods to be kept at their best while there are pauses in the transportation process – for example, at the port of departure or reception. There may be delays in shipping, whether planned or unplanned, and high-quality warehousing needs to be integrated into any flexible supply chain.

Using warehouses with the right features and technology is critical for perishable goods, food, beverages or agricultural produce that require specific conditions.

Dry Storage Warehousing

MSC's vast global dry store warehousing network means we can keep your supply chain moving with speed, efficiency and flexibility. 

To help you reduce lead-in times and transport costs, you can rely on our stock management and goods preparation services. And to make final delivery even easier depending on the location we can also customize your cargo with re-labelling or repackaging solutions. Rest assured that with our bonded warehousing options you can further improve your supply chain.

Please contact your local MSC agency for further details and availability of this solution.

Cold Storage Warehousing

Ensure that the quality of your product is maintained throughout your supply chain with the help of our cold storage operations for your temperature-sensitive cargo.


At these temperature-controlled warehouses we are able to provide storage for both frozen and chilled goods and secure the high quality of your products. In addition, we ensure full traceability and the highest standards of quality and certification.


Check with your local agent for availability.

Value-added Solutions

Many of our warehouses offer the following services: comprehensive picking/packing, unloading, labelling, palletisation and bulk stacking. We also offer other vital services in our storage facilities, such as cargo reception and tally, re-packaging, replenishment and assembling.

This means that we not only transport your goods quickly and safely, but we can also play a key role in coordinating your distribution network. With a special emphasis on customer care, our experts will put together a bespoke solution based on when and how you wish to release your goods.

Maximising Efficiency

By combining our warehousing and storage solutions with our sea and inland transportation services, you can simplify your supply chain and enjoy a seamless end-to-end experience. You’ll also save time, as you’ll be working with fewer logistics partners. This efficient approach often leads to cost savings, too.


Contact us to find out more about our tailor-made solutions.

Because Shipping is more than Just Ships

Customers book with us because they know that their goods are going to be safe, secure and quality-assured in our facilities.

  • Value-added solutions

  • Simplify your supply chain

Questions about warehousing and storage? 

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FAQs About Warehousing

What are the three basic functions of a warehouse?

• Storage – a place to store goods
• Traceability – ensuring cargo being stored can be quickly located
• Movement – measures for shipping goods out of the warehouse needs to be quick and efficient

What features should be looked for in a warehouse?

Warehouses should be geographically convenient for your supply chain. There should be sufficient space for the volume of goods to be stored. The warehouse should have adequate integrated technology for the type of products in storage. There should be an effective management system, clear safety measures and good accessibility for traffic.