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Shipping frozen fish and seafood products anywhere in the world.

Count on us for your Fish and Seafood Shipments 

Not only is fish and seafood highly perishable, but the unpredictability of harvesting and conserving produce can place major challenges onto the global supply chain. To manage products safely and ensure the successful transportation of fresh seafood, while adapting to uncertain volumes at short lead times, requires a specialist and flexible transportation partner.  

  • Cutting-edge
    reefer technology

  • Pre-trip inspection

  • Cold Storage warehousing solutions

How to ship frozen fish and seafood?

When transporting frozen fish or seafood, it’s crucial to pack boxes tightly to form a solid block, leaving room between the cargo and the walls of the unit. This allows air to freely circulate evenly around the load, maintaining a steady temperature for your goods.

End-to-end Reefer Transport Solutions – and Support 

MSC has the experts, fleet and network to ensure your seafood shipments are handled with utmost care at every stage of its journey. Our fleet of reefer containers is one of the world's most advanced and is fully supported by our industry-leading global team of reefer experts.

These experts are continuously trained to meet the growing reefer market demands of the fish and seafood market, so you can be sure your cargo is in safe hands.

You Have the Seafood, we Have the Expertise 

As specialists in seafood shipping, we understand the importance of preserving the condition of your cargo while ensuring your goods arrive swiftly at their destination. We deliver regular and frequent monitoring of shipments, from the loading of the container to the final destination. Thanks to our outstanding global coverage, we can provide end-to-end weekly services to locations around the world and have the capacity to accommodate seasonal fluctuations.

Contributing to Sustainable Development

As a responsible company with a longstanding nautical heritage and passion for the sea, MSC is committed to promoting a sustainable business model. We are investing in the latest-generation green technologies to minimise the environmental impact of our activities on land, oceans and populations, including promotion of low-carbon technology, energy efficiency and operational efficiency. 


Entrust your seafood cargo to MSC to benefit from fast and reliable transit times, flexible cold-chain shipping and logistics solutions, a world-leading reefer fleet equipped with the latest technologies, and unrivalled port coverage.

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Because you Need more than Port-to-Port Services

Looking for extra storage, inland transportation or support with customs paperwork? We’ve got you covered.

  • Door-to-door delivery solutions for businesses of all sizes 

  • Continuous investments in greener technologies 

  • Customs clearance support

  • Wide range of equipment and transport methods

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