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Our logistics solutions put you in the driving seat.

A Great Partner for Automotive Shipping

Whether you are shipping production or service parts, cars, trucks or electric vehicles, a reliable and experienced automotive shipping partner is a vital link. As the automotive industry gradually moves into a new, greener era, MSC will be here to provide the fast, flexible and transparent solutions you need to ensure an uninterrupted supply chain.

  • Outstanding port coverage

  • Container tracking

  • Wide range of equipment and transport methods

  • Dedicated customer support team

Fast and Reliable Transit Times

We pride ourselves on being able to work to the highest industry standards, as well as offering our customers the flexibility to choose the best automotive shipping solution for their needs. We have the expertise to support vehicle manufacturers’ time-sensitive requirements, ensuring your cargo is in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Automotive Shipping Beyond Ocean Services

At MSC, we balance our dedication to connecting the world with respecting and caring for our planet. While we continue to foster inclusive social prosperity and economic growth, we are also taking a daily approach towards reducing our carbon footprint, and we would like to make sure every step of your journey is a sustainable one. From moving electric parts and vehicles, to sustainable modes, of transportation, whether it’s via vessel, truck, or rail, we will do our best to be as environmentally conscious and sustainable as possible.

Personalised Support

Our experienced and knowledgeable team has been creating transportation and logistics solutions for the automotive industry for decades. Whether you are shipping spare parts, motorbikes, e-mobility solutions or oversized cargo, we will find the best way forward for your business.

Our services include end-to-end support with CKD (completely knocked down), SKD (semi knocked down) and CBU (completely built up) shipments, as well as and FVL (finished vehicle logistics) and battery logistics.

Because you Need more than Port-to-Port Services

On land and at sea, we offer a complete package of services to keep your supply chain running like clockwork.

  • Warehousing and Storage

  • Strong intermodal offering (road, rail, barge)

  • MSC Cargo Insurance

  • Smart containers

Start your journey today