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Protect product quality by choosing the right shipping partner.

Caring for your Avocados

Transporting avocados requires the highest level of care. We use specialist refrigerated or ‘reefer’ containers that employ Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technology to regulate CO2, O2 and ethylene production to preserve the fruit’s taste, freshness, texture and aroma. Our flexible approach to technology enables customers to choose between the StarCool® CA, XtendFRESH®, Liventus®, Maxtend® and Purfresh® atmosphere control systems.

  • Continuous investments in greener technologies 

  • Vent Settings

  • Wide range of equipment and transport methods

Did you know?

The value of the global avocado market is projected to exceed US $17.9 billion by 2025.

Delivering a Superfood

Dubbed a superfood for its nutrition and health qualities, consumers all over the world can't get enough of the avocado. To preserve the product's relatively short shelf-life requires a shipping partner with a high level of specialist knowledge and the right technology.

MSC assists avocado producers from countries, including Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Israel, to safely transport their precious cargo to retailers in Europe, Asia and the US – facilitating market access and extending shelf life.

Kept in Perfect Condition

With one of the world’s largest, greenest and most advanced reefer container fleets, we understand the importance of preserving refrigerated cargo from the moment we receive it until it reaches the end customer.

Our proven experience in transporting perishable goods is built on consistent investment in technology and infrastructure. This includes the use of CA units to slow down the ripening process and extend the shelf-life of avocados, enabling them to be transported for long distances without damaging their appearance, flavour or quality. 

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End-to-end Support

MSC offers tailor-made transport solutions across road, rail and sea, as well as pre-trip inspections where available, to ensure the best door-to-door service and equipment to meet your requirements. We provide our customers with end-to-end support and expert advice on everything from cargo-stuffing to customs paperwork. 

We work closely with local growers, farmers and producers to understand their specific needs.

Helping Everyone to Enjoy Delicious, Fresh Produce, all Year Round

Looking for inland transportation, additional storage or administrative support? We’ve got you covered.

  • Intermodal transportation

  • Pre-trip inspection

  • Customs clearance support

  • Cutting-edge
    reefer technology

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