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Enabling sustainable supply chains.

Introducing MSC Biofuel Solution

MSC’s first certified carbon insetting programme that reduces CO2 emissions in your supply chain as well as across our own operations – while accelerating the decarbonisation of our industry. It’s a win-win approach to move from ambition to action: MSC bunkers sustainable biofuel and you reap the CO2 savings. Our destination is clear.

Let’s navigate our journey to net zero, together.

Join us on our decarbonisation journey

As part of our journey to net zero decarbonisation by 2050, MSC invites you to join forces with us to decarbonise your supply chain and achieve your climate targets.

MSC Biofuel Solution is our carbon insetting programme that delivers CO2 savings achieved within the shipping value chain – unlike carbon offsetting initiatives that focus on future emission reductions outside of shipping. By working together, the carbon footprint of your supply chain is reduced and together we play our part in the global energy transition and sustainable supply chains.

How does it work?

When you choose MSC Biofuel Solution – regardless of the cargo’s ports of origin or destination – MSC purchases biofuel to achieve your climate targets for use throughout our global network.


The CO2 calculations used for MSC Biofuel Solution are based on Clean Cargo’s methodology for emission factors, with the carbon insetting process externally verified to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the CO2 savings transferred to you.


MSC issues a Retirement Statement with the following information that can be used for reporting on the carbon footprint of your supply chain (Scope 3 CO2 emissions):


• CO2 savings transferred to the customer (in tonnes), based on:

o Baseline CO2 emissions for the requested service using conventional marine fuel
o CO2 emissions for the requested service using sustainable biofuel

• Biofuel specifications and certification
• Proof of Sustainability issued by the bunker supplier
External verification statement (carbon insetting process)

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